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Marshalltown Plaza 2003
North Geelong Office in Chaos
North Geelong Office - Completed 2004

Run Web Design is the result of a couple of months of late night discussion between two friends early in 2002. Stephen Kaiser, the director of a successful local craft company for over 14 years, and me, Jason Harper, a new (read: young[1]) face in the business community with a history in application development, joined forces and started trading officially on the first of July, 2002.

Run Web’s first office was opened in Marshalltown Plaza, Grovedale in late August, and after completing a couple of websites for friends and business acquaintances, things started to pick up. Run Web's online portfolio at this time was looking at little... interesting: Run Web V1.0

At the end of the first year, a mutual decision was made to end the partnership, with Jason taking over the reigns solo on the first of July, 2003. The new period was one of adjustment and, well, to be honest, fear. However, I managed to pull my finger out a bit, got some work done, and updated the Run Web Design website to reflect the 'new management' [2]: Run Web V2.2 [3].

The next couple of years, things were running [4] on auto a bit. I was learning more about my lack of business nouse, but learning a tremendous amount about website development and design. Over a 12 month period starting in mid to late 2005, the way Run Web Design's websites were built and the philosphy behind them changed completely. The first genuine example of this was the first version of the current Run Web Design site: Run Web V3.x [5]

In 2006, things changed a bit for the better, but it wasn't until a new accountant came alongside with some solid advice and support in early 2007 that things really changed for Run Web.

Although we're still working towards achieiving some firm goals and overcoming some difficulties, Run Web is here to stay, and we look forward to working with more of the people and business of Geelong, Victoria and Australia. And anywhere else that will take us ;-)

[1]: 21 at the time if the math works out.
[2]: Notice how this version is small and kind of cramped. That reflects the 'new management' of the period perfectly.
[3]: I have no idea what happened to the original version 2.0, so this is a development version that never made it online.
[4]: No pun intended...
[5]: It was called v3.x, because there had been so many different designs, layouts and styles that had been drafted that I lost count. And I kind of thought 3.x sounded cool... Hmm.

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Jason Harper

Jason Harper

Run Web Design is a Geelong based company committed to providing businesses with a complete, professional web site development service.

With services covering all aspects of web site development, including website design and construction, search engine optimisation, domain registration and web hosting, and online advertising advice, Run Web Design is able to provide clients with a web site that works for their business.

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